2020-2021 Attendance Guidelines

• All students (F2F and Connect) are required to attend each class daily, following the 2020-2021 bell schedule.

• F2F students who are sitting in class at the time attendance is taken will be counted present.

• F2F students who are not feeling well or who are quarantined may “Connect” during each class period in order to be counted present until they are able to return to school.

•F2F students and Connect students who are absent in person or on Zoom due to a doctor's appointment or illness need to provide a "Return to School" note. A doctor's note or parent note (with a copy of parent/guardian's driver's license) may be emailed to [email protected] or fax to 281-213-1019. 

• Connect students who are logged in at the time attendance is taken will be counted present. 

• Students who are connecting virtually must be on time and remain in the virtual classroom until the teacher releases them in order to be counted present.

• If a student does not turn on his/her video, he/she will be removed from the classroom and counted absent.

• All students (F2F and Connect) who are not in class by the time attendance is taken will be counted absent.

• Teachers must “see” their students, either in-class or online, in order to be counted present.

• If a student loses connectivity and is unable to connect, it is his/her responsibility to contact the teacher (the same day) to notify of them via email of the issue. In this case, a student may be counted present by contacting the teacher and submitting any classwork by 11:59 PM that same day.

This circumstance is the exception and should not be a regular occurrence. The teacher may reach out to the parent to verify the situation if it persists – without a doubt, students will be more successful in their courses when they are fully engaged and participating in the actual class period.


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